General Battery Housing Extension

Group B Distribution Inc


This battery extension housing was specifically developed as to give you more room to add sensors, microcontrollers  and/or battery space to your existing GPH /GBH housing.
As with any of our housings, it can be drilled to accept various types of waterproof connectors.

The GBH-EXT housing is :
  • Rated to a depth of 1750m (5700ft)
  • Outside dimensions are 4.5"  (114mm) long, 3" (76mm) diameter.
  • Internal space is 3.5" (88mm) and 2.5" (63mm)
  • Fully anodized to resist corrosion
  • Comes with two solid endcaps
  • Requires use of GPH Adapter Ring if using with GPH/GBH
  • Very well made in Florida.



NB: Connectors and electronic boards are not included.

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